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Where did you meet your last date? Was it a right swipe on a boring bus journey or an awkward encounter IRL? Tom, a single man about town, went on a mission to meet a woman ‘offline’ and convince her to go on a date with him. Oh, and him and his director mate Samuel Abrahams decided to make a six minute film about it. But rather than hang out in the kitchen at a house party, or ask his bros if they’ve got any hot friends, Tom decides to approach women in public while they’re eating their lunch, jogging or hanging out with their friends. And then wonders why they don’t seem keen.

One Man’s Attempt to Try Dating the Old-Fashioned Way

Online dating is the pits. But what is the alternative? Finding a date IRL? Yeah, right.

SAMUEL ABRAHAMS ON ‘OFFLINE DATING‘. 5 August Director Samuel Abrahams has scored a huge hit with his short ‘Offline Dating‘. The Blink director​.

Abrahams directed the short film Offline Dating, which features his friend Tom attempting to find a date offline. Tell us about the film. One was that I had been looking for the right kind of project to explore how technology might be affecting the way in which people interact with each other in real life. In many ways, my short film Connect is its companion piece.

Another reason was that I cut my teeth shooting observational documentaries and I was keen to remind myself of those skills. Getting back behind the camera was a lot of fun and helped give the film the immersive and immediate quality I was looking for. Finally, my previous shorts had all gone the more traditional route of festival screenings and distribution, meaning they had never been made publicly available online. So I was interested in making a short to release on the internet in the hope of reaching a less niche audience.

From the outset, the premise of the film was to make an online film about offline dating. What was the most surprising thing that happened during the shoot? When Micky, the Italian girl Tom met outside Costcutter, invited him to her barbecue. We were nearing the end of the shoot and, though I felt we had so much great footage, I was still searching for a dramatically satisfying ending.

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Out of the 30 women, only two accepted his invitation to grab a bite to eat, but most, however, were polite when they said no. Many of these are rookie mistakes that have killed game in the past both digitally and in person. Despite the simple-minded mistakes Greaves makes in the film, Abrahams is aiming at a higher message: has digital dating completely taken over? While technology has infused itself into just about every facet of human existence, it does not mean that asking a girl on a date in person is impossible — watch the video until the end for proof.

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This guy tries to find a date by walking around, asking women out. Photo: Still from “Offline Dating“, by Samuel Abrahams.

A couple of days until exams so I have no time to watch a proper film. Found this short and just watched it cause why not. It’s pretty repetitive and boring at times but mostly it’s fine. So beautifully shot, love the aesthetics. Also it felt uplifting in some way. Kind of would have given it 5 stars if it was more about forming friendships. Asking people “are you single? Seriously you’d get more insight into the dating world overhearing a conversation on the bus.

This video of a guy trying out “offline dating” is dividing opinion

Offline Dating is an endearing, romantic and heartwarming short-film documenting the whimsical attempts of the protagonist Tom to ask a girl out on a date completely offline. Not only is the concept of this film superb, but the way in which it is shot and edited should be a lesson to all prospective filmmakers. The observational point of view coupled with the fact that the camera is constantly moving, pulling in and out of focus but maintaining smooth tracking shots, creates beautifully shot sequences.

Instead, Abrahams naturally captures the small gestures and heartwarming intimacies that all contribute to making this film authentic, funny and inspiring. This just might be the film that cultivates a returned wave of actual romantic gestures through real encounters…and a movement away from creepy GPS systems and misogynistic messages over a phone.

Offline Dating in Broadway Market. BAFTA nominated director, Samuel Abrahams sent his newly-single friend, actor Tom Greaves, on a.

Offline dating. Offline from campaign us. Official website for bafta nominated writer director samuel abrahams. He’s going out on a date – offline. Reddit gives you react if someone stopped you react if someone stopped you on a date? But things are different these days. He’s going out on a date offline dating.

Man Challenges Himself to Find a Date Without Using the Internet

Was it sweet? Or creepy? Now that everyone is talking about the Tinder “dating apocalypse” , I decided to quiz the men behind the project. That Offline Dating video is amazing, really makes you think, although I imagine it helped that he’s tall and handsome. The guy in that offline dating video actually RUNS after a woman he’s trying to ask out.

Filmmaker Samuel Abrahams followed his friend, Tom, around Hackney, London earlier this year as he tried to find his next date – OFFLINE. It’s a lovely.

A young guy took to the streets to ask girls out on a date, and his mate filmed the funny, sweet and occasionally cringe-making results. DEPENDING on your perspective, this short film is either a sweet take on old-school dating, or a searing reminder of why people turned to the online world to meet prospective partners in the first place. British filmmaker Samuel Abrahams posted Offline Dating on Vimeo a week ago, depicting in a slick documentary style what happened when his single actor friend Tom decided to find a date in the real world, rather than via online apps such as Tinder.

Awkward approach One girl offers advice on how he might have approached her differently, while another approach gets him exactly the wrong sort of response from a tough-looking guy. Tom does make some headway in his dating attempts — but the particulars are best watched rather than described.

Samuel Abrahams

It centers around Tom’s decision to Gasp! Tom comes across as being charming, sincere and desperate all at once. This certainly demonstrates Blink’s strong production values and the color grading is fantastic. The subject matter is a bit goofy but if I’ve learned anything from this film it’s this: With the exception of the Shoreditch girl who looks like she was on her way to the next adidas Originals shoot, the moral of the story is, if you want to meet someone offline in London, go for a foreigner, as they’re more open to life’s possibilities.

As endearing as this film is attempting to be, try getting a date when you’re not stylish, tall, handsome and sound like Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Samuel Abrahams’ new film Offline Dating shows what happens when a guy asks girls he has just met out on a date. JULY 14, pm. “Fancy a drink?”.

Of all the interactions we humans have, probably the most fraught with anxiety is that of dating. In his endearing documentary Offline Dating , Samuel Abrahams follows his friend Tom over a weekend as he attempts to make a connection without the aid of an app. From initial idea to online release, the production of Offline Dating was pretty rapid. Could you take us through the timeline of the film? I happened to be subletting for a month or two in a house near London Fields in Hackney.

One night maybe six weeks ago a few of us in the house were talking about the dating scene. The only time the two of us could do was that weekend, so I hired a small low-fi kit — camera, set of primes, radio mic and boom, and spent a day or two reminding myself how to shoot. Then we spent the weekend filming and I went straight into the edit for two and a half weeks.

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When two friends made a film about asking women out face-to-face, it went viral. The first person actor Tom Greaves met during the shoot for Offline Dating was a young guy in his teens. The result is a six-minute short film that has struck a note with lonely Londoners who do their flirting on Tinder and Happn. The next day we had this idea that it would be great to get Tom to go out and actually speak to real women, to engage with people.

Most of the time Greaves is rejected. How did he feel?

‘Offline Dating‘ By Samuel Abrahams Is The Short Film Taking The Digital World By you react if someone stopped you in the street and asked you on a date?

With the help of Facebook Messenger and dating apps like Tinder, communicating has moved from IRL to the WWW, leaving little face-to-face time with friends, partners and prospective dates. See also: This woman was body-shamed by a Tinder date — and she’s fighting back. BAFTA-nominated writer and director Samuel Abrahams had a thought about 21st century communication when his newly single friend, actor Tom Greaves, downloaded the dating app Happn.

Rather than letting him go ahead with becoming a virtual dating virtuoso, Abrahams birthed the idea for Offline Dating. In a way, taking the acceptable immediacy of online interactions and doing it in the real world. According to Abrahams, the reactions to the actor’s transition to face-to-face flirting were varied and an insight into the ways people interact. But really, the majority of reactions were overwhelmingly positive. As a result of approaching strangers all weekend, we met so many kind, funny, open and generous people, who just like us, were all looking to enjoy the spontaneity of a real encounter, and possibly make a new connection.

However, Offline Dating isn’t totally against taking to the web to find love and Abrahams is adamant that the experiment is about something bigger than that.

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